• Initial Visit: 540-343-3007
  • 24-Hour Crisis Services: 540-981-9351

  • Addiction Treatment

    Programs that help people recover from drug and alcohol use.

  • Counseling

    Group and individual support and education.

  • Housing and Homeless Services

    Helping people find housing to regain their health and independence.

  • Mental Health Skill-Building

    Daily living skills training and learning appropriate behaviors related to health and safety.

  • Case Management

    One-on-one support to link individuals with services.

  • Medications

    Medication management that supports mental health and recovery from drug and alcohol use.

  • Pharmacy Services

    On-site pharmacy located at The Burrell Center – Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy, 611 McDowell Avenue, NW, Roanoke, VA 24016 Phone: (540) 491-0409 Fax: (540) 339-6086

  • Walk-in Assessment Center

    Assessments and referrals for children and adults seeking admission to BRBH services.