• Initial Appointment: 540-343-3007
  • 24-Hour Crisis Services: 540-981-9351

  • Counseling

    Group and individual support and education.

  • Housing and Homeless Services

    Helping people find housing to regain their health and independence.

  • Mental Health Skill-Building

    Daily living skills training and learning appropriate behaviors related to health and safety.

  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation

    Training in life skills through social opportunities at Mountain House Clubhouse and during community outings.

  • Addiction Treatment

    Programs that help people recover from drug and alcohol use.

  • Case Management

    One-on-one support to link individuals with services.

  • Medications

    Medication management that supports mental health and recovery from drug and alcohol use.

  • Walk-in Assessment Center

    Assessments and referrals for children and adults seeking admission to BRBH services.


Due to the Coronaviruswe encourage people who are sick to stay home.  If you are in need of services or have an appointment, and have had a fever in the last 24 hours, a cough, and shortness of breathPLEASE call first before coming to our office.  This will allow us to assess your needs in the safest way possible or reschedule your appointment.

Intake Phone #: 540-343-3007
Scheduling Phone #: 540-344-1723

Thank you for your help and attention in keeping everyone safe and reducing the spread of illness.