• Initial Appointment: 540-343-3007
  • 24-Hour Crisis Services: 540-981-9351

Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare

Mission Statement:

The mission of Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare is to provide quality community-based services that prevent and address mental health disorders, developmental disabilities, and substance disorders.

The following are the values we hold as important to us:

  • The people we serve are our top priority.
  • Our employees are our most valuable resource.
  • Everyone has the right to be treated with respect and to participate fully in decisions that affect his or her life.
  • We provide timely services in the least restrictive setting, that are accessible, affordable, efficient, and adaptable to individual needs.
  • We collaborate with the individuals we serve, their families, and other providers in the community to achieve mutual goals and to maximize limited resources.
  • We value fairness and diversity and are committed to cultural competence in our workplace and in our community.
  • We adhere to ethical standards and professional codes of conduct.
  • We are responsible and honest, and respect confidentiality in dealing with individuals we serve and with each other.